Air Plants Can Freeze!

At Rainforest Flora, we take the quality of our Air Plants very seriously — we want you to love the plants we ship to your doorstep! For this reason, we factor weather conditions into our shipping decisions so your plants arrive healthy and happy.

Winter Shipping at RFI

As we enter into another winter season it is important for our customers to understand that whether or not we ship immediately, as well as how your order will be shipped, is a function of a number of factors including temperature, customer location, the size of the order, which plants are being sent and their sizes.

We ship our orders using either USPS Flat Rate, UPS 3rd, 2nd or Next Day Air. Due to these various methods that allow us to ensure your plants arrive without freezing, we may have to slightly adjust the shipping costs quoted to you on our website. (We are currently working on getting these costs more accurate, but alas, we are a nursery, not a tech company — so we appreciate you bearing with us!)

If we do find that your shipping method or date needs to change to protect your plants, we will contact you by phone or Email with what we believe to be the best shipping method and the cost to do so. Heat packs are a great and inexpensive way ship plants in the winter and they are only $1.50 each, and just one pack will do for most orders.

We are grateful for your business and hope you enjoy your wonderful, healthy plants this winter season!

— Your Friends at RFI



Photo By Oscar Sutton


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