duratii v. saxatilis
Tillandsia Species
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Status: 3
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Tillandsia duratii v. saxatilis (dure-AH-tee) is one of, if not, the most amazing Tillys. Its shape is incredible, it is the hardiest species, and it is the most genetically unique. There are two forms available. This form is generally more favored because the bloom spikes spread away from the main rachis, the main inflorescence stem, and therefore they have more flowers in a larger space. The other variety, T. duratii v. duratii, has short spikes that are tight to the rachis and therefore don't spread, don't have as many flowers and don't take up as much space. It is also more rare in cultivation. The saxatilis variety produces more fragrant flowers for a longer period of time than any other species. What a great Tillandsia!