Plants Shipped are not plants in photos. Some of the larger growing hybrids may not yet be mature because we don't yet have them available full size-they will be fair value for the listed prices.
Airplant Art
Tillandsia Species

A species is the officially (taxonomically) described and recognized plant. We have many species and some that are not listed on our website. If you are looking for something in particular, please let us know.

Tillandsia Hybrids

Hybrids are a cross of two different Air Plants. This hybridization can result in some amazing and beautiful plants. Hybrids are a lot rarer and harder to find. Some hybrids are expensive relative to other, common species. But these plants are the most beautiful and exquisite.

Tillandsia Cultivars

A cultivar is either a plant of a given species that is recognizably different from the standard species or it is an unknown plant that has not yet been taxonomically described. They can end up being special collector treasures.


Neoregelias are renowned for their kaleidoscope colors and their even, concentric leaf forms. They are among the hardiest of the commercially available tank type bromeliads. They will survive hotter and colder temperatures, lower humidity, and more light than most of the other available bromeliads.

Mini Neoregelias

Mini-Neoregelias are just what their name implies, small neoregelias that never grow large. Instead, their vegetative offsets usually grow at the end of runners, meaning that as clumps develop the plants are separated from each other.

Platyceriums (Staghorn Ferns)

Staghorn ferns (genus Platycerium), are one of the most sought after ornamentals. Fascinating to look at, easy to grow, and they can grow into large clumps over the years, what's not to like? Those that we offer are the hardiest and easiest to cultivate.


We have the perfect mounting materials for all your design needs. We have a special waterproof glue that we use for mounting Air Plants, fertilizer to promote healthy growth, and informatinonal booklets that are great for beginners.