Bromeliad Neoregelia

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“Brilliant Jewels of the Bromeliad World”

Neoregelias are renowned for their kaleidoscope of colors and the even, concentric leaf form of the plants themselves. Neoregelias are the hardiest of the tank type (a plant that holds water in the center) bromeliads. They will survive hotter and colder temperatures, lower humidity, and more light than most other bromeliads. Because of this, they make wonderful patio and garden plants. In a landscape arrangement, groups of three or five with contrasting colors can be grown to complement each group.


Neoregelia leaves frequently present a riot of color in a dazzling array of shapes and patterns. With bright light the leaves will keep their bright colors year around. With lower light, they may loose some of the color although their wonderful shape and symmetry will continue to please. Neoregelias do not produce a bloom spike. Rather, they produce a myriad of bright blue flowers in the center cups. After blooming they grow and number of new offsets that can be separated when they develop four mature leaves or are about ½ the size of the mother plant.

Neoregelia Care

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Neoregelia from Rainforest Flora, Inc.

Neoregelias prefer bright filtered light. We do not recommend direct sun for more that a short period if you live more that 10 miles from the coast. If you live in a humid area, like the coast, some early direct sun might be tolerated, but Neoregelias can burn if left in direct sun for too long. If planted indoors, give your Neo as much light as possible. Also, do not expose your Neoregelia to freezing temperatures.


Water your Neo frequently if planted outdoors. If the edges of the leaves begin to curl up significantly, you can soak the plant in water for eight to ten hours to rehydrate it. Keep fresh water in the plant’s center cup and water in the soil, but as with other potted bromeliads, let them dry for a few day before watering again.

Fertilizer – Epiphyte’s Delight:

Your Neoregelia is more likely to thrive, produce more offsets, and bloom brilliantly if you use Epiphyte’s Delight fertilizer. It is the ideal one-stop-shop-fertilizer for all your Neos, Tillandsias, orchids, Staghorn Ferns and more!

Follow the directions on the tub, and use it on your plants once or twice a month in growing season (April through October). It is important that you fertilize the soil only and avoid fertilizing the Neo’s center cup.


Neoregelias will grow well in just about any soil mix that is fast draining and PH neutral to slightly acidic. We use a mix that has a liberal amount of orchid bark or Styrofoam to create more air space and allow for rapid drainage.



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