Tillandsia is what we do!

Rainforest Flora, Inc. offers the greatest variety, the largest number, and the highest quality of Tillandsias in North America and the World.


We have been in the Tillandsia business -growing, collecting and selling- since 1974. In fact, we are the oldest Air Plant nursery in the United States! We have traveled the globe to Asia, Europe and more, sharing our love for Tillandsias with the rest of the world.

Home Grown

The vast majority of our Tillandsias are grown from seeds at our own nurseries in Los Angeles and San Diego. We grow sustainable plants instead of stripping them from the environment or buying them from other growers so we can provide them with the best conditions in which to thrive.


Tillandsia is what we do! We are the Air Plant enthusiasts who want to show others how amazing and gorgeous these epiphytes truly are. We have been growing and experimenting with Tillandsias for decades in order to better understand them and to share that knowledge with our customers friends.

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– We are Rainforest Flora, Inc. established 1974. –

“Tillandsia Air Plants are arguably the most interesting, exotic, and fun plants that exist. Air Plants are unique because they don’t need soil to survive. They are easy to grow and make great gifts. Think about it – What other plants can you grow and flourish without any soil for the roots (thereby allowing them to be grown in vertical spaces attached to anything… or nothing at all), have such a vast variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, AND be among the most carefree and care-forgiving of any plants on Earth?”

— Paul Isley III (RFI Founder)

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Tillandsia Tectorum

Tillandsia tectorum Fuzzball is the super fuzzform that is so popular these days. Because of its popularity, it is not always available in all sizes

Neoregelia cruenta

Neoregelia cruenta is an attractive, colorful large growing species.  Specimens can grow to be three feet in diameter. 


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Plant Care

Trendy Tillys: T. tectorum

This air plant gets its name from the word ‘plants on roofs’ because the species has been cultivated on roofs in Ecuador and Peru. This Tillandsia thrives in these countries because of their drier climates. Read more…

Plant Care

Watering 101

Watering air plants that live indoors require a bit more observation and attention until they become established. People sometimes either make the mistake of overwatering which can cause the plant to rot, or they can Read more…


Boho Inspired Tilly Decor

Oh how we love meeting talented entrepreneurs via the Internet! Meet our friend Chi, she offers specialized home decor that is an ” eclectic mix of mid century modern, boho inspired, and anything that just has an Read more…

What Our Customers Say

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M R M.

M R M.

Chico, CA

“EUREKA! After having bought hundreds of tillandsias from dozens of sellers, I have FINALLY found the ONLY seller I will ever buy from in the future. (...) Rainforest Flora's excellent, friendly, helpful customer service is matched only by the quality of their products. (...) I am so thrilled at the rapid delivery and high quality of my plants, that I placed several orders!”

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Kathleen E.

Kathleen E.

Tacoma, WA

“Rainforest Flora is amazing! I actually ordered from their online site since I live out of state, mostly because I found that their pricing on their tillandsias were extremely reasonable compared to other sellers, especially their tectorums that I've been eyeing for quite some time. (...)

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Tony L.

Tony L.

Torrance, CA

“This place is an Air Plant (Tillandsia) oasis!!  Seriously, when I go to any other plant store all I see is 3-4 varieties of air plants available for purchase but Rainforest Flora is really the main distributor for most of those places. (...) Why not just go to the source and save yourself the trouble of going to a bunch of different garden supply stores when you can just stop by at Rainforest Flora which has countless varieties of air plants. (...)

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