Tillandsia Species
Status: 3
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Tillandsia tricholepis is one of the miniature species in the Tillandsia subgenus, Diaphoranthema (dee-ah-fore-AHN-tha-mah). As with all species in Diaphoranthema, it is self-pollinating. The flowers are small and inconspicuous. Because it is self-pollinating, however, it produces a lot of seeds that can disperse and start naturalizing on their own if you live in an area that doesn't freeze and isn't desert. Species in this subgenus, including Spanish Moss, are the most widely dispersed of all the tillandsias. Check out the incredible T. tricholepis Bonzai tree grown by a prominent and imaginative SoCal Tillandsiaphile.
RFI now has two ways to get this great species. One is to order it bareroot and the other is to get it already mounted on a small piece of California grapewood or cholla cactus. Either way it's a winner!