Tillandsia Species
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Tillandsia tectorum is one of the most exquisite species. The trichomes are so large and such a bright white! The inflorescence is purple with astor-violet blooms the whole of which contrasts well with the white, fuzzy leaves. Tillandsia tectorum likes to be watered in a drier climate, more that one would think. However, this is a difficult species to grow in a hot, humid climate like Florida or South East Asia. If it gets wet, it needs time to be dry. Frequent thundershowers and high heat are not its best friends. Keep it in an area where it can be dry between waterings and/or make sure it gets lots of air.  We have a number of prices and sizes along with exquisite clumps available. These larger plants are some 25 to 30 years old and they are the only exemplars of which we are aware that are not stripped from nature before making their way into the market place.