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Tillandsia straminea is a contender for title of overall most spectacular Tillandsia. The clone that we grow can become enormous—almost up to 90 cm across after two or three generations! (This is one of the species for which a single plant can get larger from one generation to the next when grown in good, bright conditions). Of course, over the years, a giant clump will develop as you can see in a photo on our website. On top of all this, the flowers are wonderfully scented and the plant produces many of them over many weeks. These seed grown plants are exquisite and lush but because the leaves are soft and brittle they can sometimes break during shipping. No matter, they will grow through that and you will have a plant you can enjoy for many, many years. Be aware, however, that T. straminea is somewhat more susceptible to cold and to rot from hot, humid conditions when it doesn't have a chance to dry out sufficiently. Available in different in sizes.