Tillandsia Species
Status: 1

Tillandsia plumosa generally grow into a thin leaved hemisphere that looks something like a silver-gray sea urchin. It likes cooler temps, humidity and lots of air. It is similar in appearance to T. ignaceae bit it is differentiated by being larger, having more leaves, and the leaves are always straight and never wavy. In its tomentosity it is also similar to species sucha as T. tectorum, T. heteromorpha, T. crocata, and T. graomogolensis. Tillandsias that have coarse trichomes like this abound in areas of frequent rainfall during parts of the year. Their need to dry out quickly between showers is the reason the trichome wings are perpendicular to the epidermis when dry. This facilitates the epidermal drying process that allows the plant to respire. These plants are seed grown and available in just a limited number. Boy, I really got into it that time, didn't I?