Watch for Freezing Temps When Ordering

I know it’s common sense but all of us must be aware that in winter, ordering any type of living plant is a more serious proposition.  If the temps get below freezing for long, and the plants are in the back of an unheated delivery truck or on your porch for a number of hours, the plants could suffer damage or even freeze.  We’re lucky with Tillandsias because they are so hardy.  Most of them (but not all!), can go to freezing and survive with no damage.  Many can even go below freezing for varying amounts of time and, again, suffer no damage. Sometimes heat packs are used but these only last for a day or two.  But please take this into account when ordering.  If you live in the North East and want plants delivered to you by ground in January, you are probably taking a big chance.  Most nurseries ship according to the choice of the customer and once the plants leave the nursery, they are the responsibility of the consumer.