Monthly Archives: January 2014

Tillandsia Houston Enano Now Available

Houston Enano ClumpTillandsia Houston Enano is a fascinating form of T. Houston. It’s a secret as to how it was developed but this densely formed plant is prized for its form and the rapidity with which it produces vegetative offsets so that it quickly grows into a formidable clump.  Take a look at the pricing on our website, you might be surprised at how affordable it is.  For resellers, ask for our price list by Email.

Tillandsia tenuifolia Albino

Tillandsia tenuifolia Albino is a rare and special form of the variable and attractive species.  Just wanted to let you know that they are now in bud and available.  As you can see, the floral bracts are a delicate pink and the flowers are white.   Tillandsia tenuifolia Albino