Tillandsia marconae—A new Tilly offering

Rare in cultivation, Tillandsia marconae is a species with whitish, rather soft leaves that is 7—10 cm in its mature state. It offsets easily and frequently and will form an almost perfectly spherical, dense clump. The photo is of a small clump.

Water just the outside part if you have a clump. In humid, hot environments, you may want to open the clump inside to allow natural air ventilation. And it’s not expensive!


Tilly Tacker Glue Available

We now have our waterproof Air Plant glue back in stock! It can be picked up from our store in Torrance or ordered online. Tilly Tacker is a great way to attach your <i>Tillandsia</i> Air Plants to almost any item you can think of. It is applied at room temperature and is safe for the plants.

Tillandsia Houston Enano Now Available

Houston Enano ClumpTillandsia Houston Enano is a fascinating form of T. Houston. It’s a secret as to how it was developed but this densely formed plant is prized for its form and the rapidity with which it produces vegetative offsets so that it quickly grows into a formidable clump.  Take a look at the pricing on our website, you might be surprised at how affordable it is.  For resellers, ask for our price list by Email.

Price and Name Change and New Additions

There has been quite a bit accomplished over the past few days with some of the plants on our website. First of all, because of an increase in our inventory of Tillandsia Blushing Giant (T. streptophyllaT. seleriana), we have been able to drop the price of this beauty from $125 to $75 – a saving of $50 (At least while our increased supply lasts!).

Tillandsia Blushing Giant

Tillandsia Blushing Giant

The we changed the name of T. tenuifolia Cabo Frio to its correct name, T. araujei v. minima. 

Tillandsia araujei v. minima

Tillandsia araujei v. minima

We’ve added two new special hybrids, Tillandsia Leo J (T. ionantha T. bulbosa) and T. Leo J Druid (T. ionantha Druid X T. bulbosa).  These are the reverse of a super-popular hybrid, Tillandsia Joel, hence the names.  The T. Leo J Druid, especially, has great variation among the various clones (seedlings).  The first photo is of T. Leo J and the next two are of different T. Leo J Druid plants.  Pretty cool!  They are now available until we run out—check out Hybrids on the website.

Leo J (ionantha X bulbosa)100


Leo J Druid (ionantha Druid X bulbosa)1;100Leo J Druid (ionantha Druid X bulbosa)3;100