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Hello to our loyal RFI customers,

We are currently working on some website changes that have inhibited us from having our online ordering active. We are working hard to enhance user experience. If you are visiting our site and wish to place an order please do the following:

  • Name of the plants, price, and quantity
  • Email us at
  • Or give us a call at (310)370-8044

We appreciate your patience and willingness to help. Thank you!


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Clever Bloom Collab

We recently met our friend, Erin, through Instagram and were immediately drawn to her talents with plant photography and styling them. We teamed up with her to add some Tillandsia beauty to her home and get a peek into some of the creative ways she decorates with our plants! Take a peek at the beautiful ways she’s used our high quality Tillandsias!

 All Photos taken by @CleverBloom at



It’s Halloween Time at Rainforest Flora!

Paul Isley, Rainforest Flora, Inc.

310 370-8044 /

Each year Rainforest Flora, Inc. celebrates the various holidays with Tillandsia ( airplants ) attached to small sculptures and figurines. These playful and colorful small sculptures and figures are the first introduction for many people to these plants. Tillandsia, are true airplants that can be glued or attached to almost anything and grown successfully in bright light and by watering them a couple times a week in most environments. During the Halloween season Rainforest Flora markets a number of attractive small ceramic pumpkins, skulls and skeletons with a variety of Tillandsia species attached to them through home improvement stores, super and specialty food markets, and nurseries  and garden center. Please See attached photos.

Skeletons Pumpkin Skeletons Assortment

Rainforest Flora, Inc., 19121 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance CA 90503