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Tillandsia Air Plants

Tillandsia Air Plants are arguably the most interesting, exotic, and fun plants that exist. Air Plants are unique because they don't need soil to grow. They are easy to grow and make great gifts. Think about it. What other plants can you think of that can grow and flourish without any soil for the roots (thereby allowing them to be grown in vertical spaces attached to anything... or nothing at all), have such a vast variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, AND be among the most carefree and care-forgiving of any plants on Earth?

Current News

Tilly Tacker Air Plant Glue Back in Stock! | September 13, 2014

Our popular Tilly Tacker glue is available once again. You can come visit us at our store or... More

Tillandsia marconae—A new Tilly offering | June 27, 2014

Rare in cultivation, Tillandsia marconae is a species with whitish, rather soft leaves that is 7—10 cm in its mature state. It offsets easily and frequently and will form an almost perf... More

Tilly Tacker Glue Available | May 27, 2014

We now have our waterproof Air Plant glue back in stock! It can be picked up from our store in Torrance or ordered on... More

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Rainforest Flora, Inc. offers the greatest variety, the largest number, and the highest quality of Tillandsia Air Plants in North America and the World. We are dedicated to the growing and sale of quality Tillandsia Air Plants to both our wholesale and retail customers. RFI is also the oldest Tillandsia Airplant nursery in America. Tillandsia is what we do!